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Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in New York City

89 South St Pier 17 New York, 10038 10038
Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in New York City
Detail Travel by boat and see the sights from the water
Detail Snacks and Beverages included
Detail Seasonal Offer
Detail Duration: 1-hour and 45-minutes
Detail It lasts approximately 1.5 hours.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
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Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in New York City
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A man and a woman are smiling and toasting with drinks aboard a sailboat on a sunny dayA man and a woman are smiling and toasting with drinks aboard a sailboat on a sunny dayA man and a woman are smiling and toasting with drinks aboard a sailboat on a sunny dayA man and a woman are smiling and toasting with drinks aboard a sailboat on a sunny day

Experience the exhilarating Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in the heart of New York City. Mixing the rich flavors of local brews with the stunning skyline views, this cruise takes you on a unique journey replete with taste and sight sensations. Sail past the world-renowned Statue of Liberty and other emblematic landmarks while savoring an array of craft beers from the city's finest breweries. This onboard delight is nothing short of a sensory treat for beer enthusiasts and sightseers alike.

Embark on the two-hour voyage through the city's waterways, absorbing its grandeur while indulging your palate. Guests usually spend about two hours on this floating paradise, where every fine detail is catered to, to ensure an unforgettable experience. Comfortable attire is recommended so that you can fully enjoy Manhattan’s spectacular backdrop while the gentle breeze grazes your skin. In this immersive cruise, you'll encounter views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Governors Island, and other iconic landmarks that are even more mesmerizing with a craft beer in hand.

Your adventure will commence at the North Cove Marina with insightful beer and city scape experts on board to guide you. Every craft beer lover knows the excitement of finding a new brew, and with the finest selection of local New York beers, there would be ample opportunities for you to find your new favorite. And what’s better than discussing the city’s illustrious skyline while holding a pint of your preferred ale?

The Craft Beer Sailing Cruise is highly celebrated for its ability to combine two great loves, impressive cityscapes, and robust beers. The history of this entertaining voyage ties back to the rich brewing tradition of New York City and appreciation for its magnificent skyline. Each sailing session is carefully timed to coincide with the breathtaking views of the sun setting behind Lady Liberty, further enhancing your unforgettable, sensory-laden New York experience.

 Pass By  Battery Park in New York, NY
Discover the expanse of Battery Park in New York City, a 25-acre green oasis at the southern tip of Manhattan. Laced with monuments, gardens, and an enchanting seafront promenade, it's a haven amidst the urban jungle. Witness panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, enjoy outdoor performances, or embark on ferry rides to Ellis Island and Lady Liberty herself. Don't miss The Sphere, a poignant 9/11 memorial within the park—an intriguing fusion of history, nature, and culture.
 Pass By  Brooklyn Bridge
Experience a slice of New York’s history on the Brooklyn Bridge. The iconic landmark links Manhattan and Brooklyn, providing stunning views and ample opportunities for unforgettable photos. Whether for a leisurely stroll, a timely commute, or a dawn jog, the bridge is an exceptional must-see New York experience.
 Pass By  Ellis Island in New York, NY
Discover Ellis Island in the iconic city of New York, the gateway for millions of immigrants who ventured toward the American dream. Immerse yourself in history at its interactive museum, a testament to the vast diversity that built the United States. Experience the poignant stories behind the many names scribbled on its walls.
 Pass By  Governors Island
Escape the bustling city with a visit to Governor’s Island, a unique oasis in New York City. Just a short ferry ride away, the island offers 172 acres of cultural sites, green spaces, and historic structures. Get immersed in art installations, enjoy tranquil picnic spots, or delve into history with a trip to the impressive 19th-century fort, built to defend New York Harbor. Come for a day of relaxation or a fun-packed event. The city’s hidden gem awaits you!
 Pass By  Governors Island National Monument in New York, NY
Discover an urban oasis at Governors Island National Monument, New York. This 172-acre treasure, floating away from Manhattan's concrete rush, offers verdant landscapes, stunning skyline views, and intriguing military history. Venture into 19th-century forts, picnic on sprawling lawns, or cycle around on a rented bike. It's a city escape, minus the long drive. Experience the extraordinary blend of history and natural beauty right in the heart of the Big Apple.
 Pass By  Manhattan Skyline
Surrounded by the serene waters, the Manhattan Skyline reveals the magic of this captivating metropolis lit with a million lights, where dreams are spun. Its dazzling display is a testament to the city's enduring vibrance.
 Pass By  New York Harbor in New York, NY
Step into the historic New York Harbor, a majestic gateway that's been welcoming travelers since the time of the European colonists. Discover a stunning panorama of waterfront views, iconic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, all showcased against the backdrop of Manhattan's legendary skyline. Marvel at the sunset vista in an unforgettable evening yacht voyage.
 Pass By  Pearl Alley
Located in the heart of New York, Pearl Alley is a traveler’s paradise steeped in rich history and stunning architecture. This hidden gem boasts a unique array of charming shops, exquisite restaurants, and vibrant nightlife. Stroll leisurely or explore avidly, either way, Pearl Alley offers an authentic slice of New York gone by, waiting to enthrall you on every corner.
 Stop at  Pier 17
Immerse yourself in the electric pulse of New York City at Pier 17. Marrying stunning Manhattan views with an array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment, this waterfront gem is more than just a pier. Experience concerts under the stars, food festivals, and an outdoor rooftop cinema, providing unending fun wrapped in the city's iconic skyline. Experience the urban euphoria that Pier 17 has to offer!
 Pass By  Statue of Liberty in New York City, NY
Strikingly rising against the backdrop of New York's skyline, the Statue of Liberty embodies the spirit of America. Take a ferry ride to Liberty Island, dig into the rich history of this iconic symbol of freedom and be awestruck by its majestic beauty. Don't forget to explore the museum and ascend to the crown for a panoramic view of 'The Big Apple.'
 Pass By  The Fulton by Jean-Georges
Nestled in NYC's vibrant Seaport District, The Fulton by Jean-Georges offers a distinct culinary voyage. This exquisite restaurant, with panoramic views of Brooklyn Bridge and East River, presents a unique blend of fresh seafood and succulent artisan dishes, masterfully crafted by world-renowned Chef Jean-Georges. Indulge your senses in a dining experience like no other at The Fulton.

In summary, the Craft Beer Sailing Cruise connects you with the heart of New York City’s sailing and brewing culture, creating an experience you won't find anywhere else. Whether it's the thrill of sailing, the allure of craft beer, or the mesmerizing skyline that calls to you, this cruise brought together these elements to create an unforgettable adventure. Sharpen your taste buds and charge your cameras. The city is waiting to share its best brews and views with you in a way it’s never done before. It’s not just an invitation; it's an exclusive experience that you do not want to miss during your visit to the Big Apple.

Frequently Asked Questions for Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in New York City:
  • What methods of transportation does the Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in New York City use?
  • Approximately how long does the Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in New York City last?
    It lasts approximately 1.5 hours.
  • For what ages is the tour appropriate?
    Great for all ages! Must be 21 years or older to consume alcohol. Valid photo ID is required.
  • Is photography / video recording allowed on the Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in New York City?
  • Is the Craft Beer Sailing Cruise in New York City handicap accessible?

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