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Sopranos Sites Tour - Private (On Location Tours)

191 W 39th St New York, NY 10018
Sopranos Sites Tour - Private (On Location Tours)
Detail Duration: 4 hours
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Four people are smiling in front of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that also advertises homemade chocolates and luncheon servicesFour people are smiling in front of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that also advertises homemade chocolates and luncheon servicesFour people are smiling in front of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that also advertises homemade chocolates and luncheon servicesFour people are smiling in front of an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that also advertises homemade chocolates and luncheon services

Discover the allure of television history on the streets of New York with the awe-inspiring Sopranos Sites Tour. With this immersive venture, you'll step into the world of Tony, Carmela, Paulie and the rest of the iconic Sopranos cast, visiting over 40 locations from the hit HBO show. From the initial mob induction, to the location of the final scene in the series finale, this tour will give you first-hand exposure to the real-life Sopranos universe.

On embarking on the Sopranos Sites Tour, you'll get to spend around four hours exploring the streets of New Jersey, where this iconic crime saga unfolds. Renowned for rewarding fans with rich insights, the tour is led by knowledgeable guides who are massive fans of the series. You'll wander through the suburban neighborhoods in which the characters lived, loved, and conducted their 'business'. Expect to cover around five miles of memorable streets, visiting iconic spots like Satriale's Pork Store, the Muffler Man, and the unforgettable Bada Bing club. Make sure to pack your camera, as you'll want to immortalize the experience and share it with fellow fans!

The Sopranos Sites Tour isn't just about locations, though. It’s a deep dive into the world of the Soprano family. Starting in Manhattan and moving through Jersey, you'll follow the footsteps of unforgettable characters: Tony and his crew members, reliving the memorable events of the series. You’ll get a chance to dine at locations featured in the show and feel like a part of the Soprano family.

Dive into the rich history of The Sopranos and discover how creator David Chase designed the universe around New Jersey neighborhoods. Learn about the show, which began its journey back in 1999, and blossomed into one of television's most paradigm-shifting programs. Uncover intricate trivia about the series and the creative force behind it, enriching your own appreciation for this beloved piece of television history.

 Stop at  Holsten's Ice Cream, Chocolate & Restaurant near New York
Immerse yourself in the sweet universe of Holsten's Ice Cream & Chocolate Restaurant, New York's well-kept dessert paradise. This family-owned 75-year-old gem provides nostalgic ice cream flavors and hand-crafted chocolate creations, promising a mouth-watering experience. It's not just a visit, it’s a one-way ticket to the golden age of American desserts that movie lovers will recognize from the iconic final scene of The Sopranos.
 Stop at  Lincoln Tunnel
Experience the engineering marvel that is the Lincoln Tunnel. Spanning over 1.5 miles under the Hudson River, this artery connects New York City and New Jersey, handling over 120,000 vehicles daily. Its three tubes may seem common, but the hands, brains, and hearts that sculpted this modern wonder, alongside the views awaiting on either side, make the Lincoln Tunnel an astonishing testament to human endeavor.
 Stop at  Manhattan Skyline
Step into the heartbeat of New York by visiting the iconic Manhattan Skyline. This is not just an attraction, it's an experience. Witness architectural marvels from the majestic Empire State Building to the radiant One World Trade Center. Appreciate the urban beauty reflected in the Hudson and East rivers. It's a tapestry of enchanting lights, grand buildings, and the pulse of the city that never sleeps. Your memories of the Manhattan Skyline will be everlasting.
 Stop at  St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church
Nestled within the heart of Brooklyn, New York, St. Cecilia's Roman Catholic Church stands as a testament to faith's timeless beauty. Combining stunning architecture with a rich history, this vibrant community offers both spiritual comfort and cultural immersion. St. Cecilia's majestic stained glass, ornate statues, and grand altar add an all-encompassing sacred aura worth experiencing in the "City that Never Sleeps".

In conclusion, the Sopranos Sites Tour isn't just a destination—it's an expedition into the soul of a monumental television show. You'll blend into the fabric of the story, tastefully savor the good parts of the bad guys' lifestyle, and relive the magic of The Sopranos. Every step brings a new surprise, a fresh memory. The city, the food, the learning experience—it's all brewed together magnificently into a tour that's as unforgettable as the series itself. So, tie your shoe laces, slather on some sunscreen, and set out on this unforgettable journey. Let the Sopranos Sites Tour welcome you to the family.

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