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General Questions
Answers to general questions about

Dot How can I contact
Dot What hours are available to speak to a Customer Service Representative?
Dot How do you sell so many different New York tickets?
Dot Is there a fee to use your services?
Dot Can I get brochures for a specific show or attraction?
Dot Where can I find more detailed information about New York?
Dot Is there any way I can give a New York vacation as a gift?
Dot Why should I use to plan and book my vacation?
Questions About Orders
Frequently asked questions about placing orders.

Dot What forms of payment do you accept?
Dot Do you offer custom New York vacations?
Dot Is my personal information and credit card number safe?
Dot I'm just looking for lodging. Can I make reservations only for a hotel?
Dot What if I only need show or attraction tickets with no lodging?
Dot What if I need to make a change on my order after it has been placed?
Dot What if I need to cancel my order?
Dot Something came up and I had to cancel my order. When will I receive my refund?
Dot How do I get the best seats for shows and concerts?
Dot How far in advance do I need to make my reservations?
Dot When will you charge my credit card?
Dot Once I've placed my order, how will I check-in at my hotel and get my attraction & show tickets?
Dot How can I find out more details about a show, tour or attraction?
Dot An error message appeared while I was placing my order. What should I do?
Questions About Properties
Answer to Questions Regarding Specific Shows, Lodging & Attractions

Dot How will I know where my lodging or attraction is located?
Dot How can I contact the venue I've booked directly?
Dot Where can I find a schedule of performances and pictures of the shows I want to see?
Dot What if I want to find lodging close to a certain show or attraction?

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