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2 Days Amish Tour in Washington DC

We are sorry, 2 Days Amish Tour in Washington DC from NYC has no additional dates currently scheduled.

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2 Days Amish Tour in Washington DC
Detail Duration: 2 days
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Expand your horizons with the cherished simplicity of Amish life and explore the historical marvels of Washington D.C. through our immersive 2-day Amish tour. Situated at the heart of the nation's power district, this tour not only uncovers the complex tapestry of America's past, but also delves into the serene life of the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. With an itinerary packed full of fascinating landmarks, such as the U.S. Capitol Building, Abraham Lincoln Memorial, and the humble homesteads of the Amish countryside, our 2-day Amish Tour perfectly blends the thrill of urban exploration and serene country-life shorts.

Step into the bustling heart of American democracy on day one as we navigate through the architectural grandeur of Washington. Adorned with historical monuments and captivating museums, expect to spend approximately 5-6 hours touring about. Marvel at the neoclassical brilliance of the White House, feel the weight of U.S history at the Washington Monument, and immerse yourself in the aura of remembrance at Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. As we progress through the day, absorbing the magnificence of D.C. on a breezy open-air bus, our knowledgeable guides will spin captivating tales of American lore.

Day two promises an engaging contrast as we journey into the peaceful world of the Amish in Lancaster. Many would choose to consider suitable attire for the climate as we move to more rural destinations. Featuring a guided tour led by authentic Amish folks themselves, learn about the incredible self-sustainability of their lifestyle, admire beautifully handcrafted wooden furniture, and witness horse-drawn buggies. The tour takes an estimated 6-7 hours, filled with intrinsic discoveries of this mystical, tech-free community.

Shrouded in age-old wisdom and tales of American chronicles, the 2-day Amish tour is cherished for its dedication to unfolding the contrasting lifestyles of D.C and the Amish countryside. What makes this tour a standout is the expert guides passionately painting the vivid stories of America’s capital and life within the Lancaster community. The blend of urban exploration coupled with serene country life provides a unique, unforgettable experience.

 Stop at  Hampton Inn Manhattan-Madison Square Garden Area
Nestled in the heart of the city that never sleeps, the Hampton Inn Manhattan-Madison Square Garden Area boasts it all; convenience, comfort, and true New York vibes. Just steps away from iconic landmarks like Madison Square Garden, this hotel offers a rewarding stay in the epicenter of energy and excitement.

In conclusion, the 2-Day Amish Tour in Washington D.C offers an incredible look into two starkly different yet equally fascinating cultures. From embracing the historical roots of U.S Democracy to quietly observing the harmonious lifestyle of the Amish community, the tour provides a unique glimpse into these contrasting worlds. While the spectacular sights of Washington D.C might captivate with their larger-than-life structures, there's a subtle sense of peace to feel with the Amish way of life. So, stand amidst the giants of history and later find tranquility in simplicity, only with our 2-day Amish tour. Come, live this unique blend of city sparkle and rustic charm.

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