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New York Sightseeing Cruise with On-Board Cash Bar

We are sorry, NYC: Happy Hour Sightseeing Cruise with Cash Bar has no additional dates currently scheduled.

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New York Sightseeing Cruise with On-Board Cash Bar
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Welcome to the exhilarating NYC Happy Hour Sightseeing Cruise with Cash Bar - a wonderful blend of sightseeing, socializing, and sipping on delicious beverages! This exciting, two-hour boat cruise sets sail from the heart of New York City, and guides you around the iconic sights, with views of picturesque landmarks while enjoying a refreshingly unique happy hour at the onboard bar.

As you step aboard the sightseeing cruise along New York's magnificent waterfront, you'll be instantly taken in the by the distinctive skyline that outlines the city. On this two-hour voyage, you will be given prime viewing opportunities to see some of the most recognized monuments and structures in 'The Big Apple.' You are free to explore the boat freely, immersing yourself in the festive atmosphere and capturing precious photographs of the unobstructed views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Governors Island, and more. Whether you're basking in the sun on the deck with a drink in your hand, or confiding with friends within the climate-controlled interior, ensure you're in comfortable clothing to make the most out of your trip!

From the Brooklyn Bridge to the United Nations Headquarters, you will be taken on a comprehensive tour of the city's architectural and historical marvels. The freedom to explore the city at your own pace and the luxury to relax with a drink on the deck is what sets this tour apart from others. Moreover, the cruise is not just a spectator experience, it's also a jubilant affair that invites guests to socialize, forming a part of an unforgettable New York City afternoon for visitors and locals alike.

Regarded as one of New York's most enjoyable activities, a tour aboard the NYC Happy Hour Sightseeing Cruise merges the city's rich history with the fun of a spirited happy hour. Its track record of satisfied customers and outstanding reviews are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the crew and staff that make this experience possible. Here, you not only get to experience the grandeur of NYC, but you get to learn its intriguing history from the knowledgeable and friendly tour guides.

 Pass By  Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is an enduring symbol of New York's tenacity. Its gothic arches and steel wires are not only utilitarian but also a testament to the city's artistic vision.
 Pass By  Manhattan Skyline
Simultaneously heart-stopping and heartwarming, the Manhattan Skyline tells the story of New York's resilience and determination. A sight to behold by day or night, from any vantage point.
 Stop at  Pier 36 NYC
Immerse yourself in the urban charm of Pier 36 NYC. This venue hosts a variety of fascinating events, making it a must-visit jewel in Manhattan’s glittering crown. It's not only a port of call, but also a meeting point of art, tech, and international sensibilities.
 Pass By  South Street Seaport
Discover the alluring charm of South Street Seaport in New York City. This vibrant neighborhood pulsates with rich marine history, stunning harbor views, and a captivating array of shops and restaurants. Whether you're exploring the maritime museum or simply soaking up the waterside ambiance, the Port is a welcoming harbor away from the city's usual hustle. Come, lose yourself in this enticing blend of history, culture, and waterfront wonder.
 Pass By  Statue of Liberty in New York City, NY
Come face-to-face with Lady Liberty herself. Raising her torch against the vast sky, the Statue of Liberty is a compelling icon of America's continuous fight for liberty.

In conclusion, immerse yourself in the spectacular views of NYC on the Happy Hour Sightseeing Cruise, while enjoying a refreshing cocktail or drink of your choice from the cash bar. This is more than just a sightseeing tour, it's an opportunity to explore the city surrounded by the natural beauty of the water, the sparkle of the city's skyline and a fun-filled happy hour. Treat yourself to an experience that perfectly combines sightseeing, history, and socializing for a truly memorable journey through the heart of New York City! It's an activity that indeed unites the quintessential New York City experience with an entertaining and relaxing cruise; a must-try for anyone visiting the city. Start making memories now aboard the NYC Happy Hour Sightseeing Cruise with Cash Bar!

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