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Prohibition Pub Crawl East Village

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Prohibition Pub Crawl East Village
Detail Duration: 3 hours
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Welcome to the Prohibition Pub Crawl in the East Village, a fascinating and engaging experience! In this three-hour walking tour, you’ll immerse yourself in the era of prohibition, when the sale and consumption of alcohol were outlawed. Throughout the tour, you’ll delve into the history of the 1920s prohibition era and visit hidden speakeasies and bars.

The tour begins at the iconic Blind Barber, which was a real-life speakeasy during the prohibition era in NYC. You’ll be greeted by your knowledgeable guide, who will give you a brief overview of the history of speakeasies and the consequences of breaking the law. You’ll soon find yourself plunged into the atmosphere of a secret drinking establishment, complete with vintage memorabilia, photographs, and charming details.

As you explore the East Village, your guide will share fascinating stories about the notorious gangsters, corrupt politicians, and brave activists that shaped the era. You’ll hear tales about the clever ways speakeasies disguised themselves from the law, including secret entrances, passwords, and secret rooms. With each location you visit, you’ll be transported to a different era and experience.

The tour includes three stops at secret speakeasies and bars, each with its unique atmosphere and cocktails. You’ll have the chance to try a variety of alcoholic beverages, including gin cocktails, absinthe, and a 1920s-inspired mocktail. You will also be shown how to make a classic 1920s cocktail at one stop - an exciting hands-on experience.

The East Village is a vibrant, trendy neighborhood with an abundance of street artwork, boutiques, and cafes. During the crawl, you’ll pass by some of these eye-catching murals, Instagram-worthy street art, and fantastic architecture, all while learning about the past and present of the prohibition era.

In summary, The Prohibition Pub Crawl in the East Village is an interactive, informative, and entertaining experience that brings the iconic 1920s prohibition era to life. This tour is the perfect opportunity to explore New York City’s history, culture, and nightlife while enjoying delicious cocktails and unforgettable stories. If you’re looking for a unique, immersive tour that combines history, drinking, and entertainment, then The Prohibition Pub Crawl in the East Village is for you! Book your ticket now, and let's join the fun.

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