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Times Square Ghost Pub Crawl

We are sorry, Times Square Ghost Pub Crawl has no additional dates currently scheduled.

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Times Square Ghost Pub Crawl
Detail Duration: 3 hours
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Step into the mysterious world of the unknown with an evening of ghostly tales and haunted locations in the heart of New York City on our Times Square Ghost Pub Crawl. This thrilling adventure mingles paranormal encounters with invigorating spirits in the form of New York's finest pubs, offering an entirely unique blend of city nightlife and historical lore. In a city as old as New York, who knows what hidden secrets and spectral guests you might encounter?

Your adventure into the shadows begins at Times Square, where a vivacious and knowledgeable guide will lead you into the bustling heart of nocturnal Manhattan. As you traverse approximately 1.5 miles on foot, you'll be transported back in time, exploring haunted pasts among the neon glow of modernity. Guests are advised to dress comfortably for their spectral soiree. En route, you'll discover spine-chilling accounts of spirit sightings and hauntings at some of NYC's most well-known establishments, each with its intoxicating tales of ghostly patrons who have chosen to linger long past last call.

What better way to unearth the city's eerie stories than to step into its stained glass and wooden panel consultations, where old-world charm meets whispered tales of citizens long departed? Expect to spend about 3 hours with us as we lead you to bars that have maintained their historic charm, offering you a glance into the past as you savor the delights of the present. Hear ghostly tales in the hush of a dimly-lit corner or over a perfectly poured pint. Each pub visited on this tour not only offers a variety of enticing beverages but also a distinct atmosphere bevvy of chilling stories.

The legends and lore of Times Square's ghosts often date back to the earliest days of Manhattan's history, imbuing the areas with an uncanny allure that has only grown with time. The chilling stories that you'll unravel mouthful by mouthful, step by haunted step, add depth and mysterious flavor to the already rich history of Times Square. These aren't merely tales spun by a fireside on a dark and stormy night; they're chronicles of a city that never sleeps... and, it seems, neither do some of its erstwhile inhabitants.

To conclude your journey through the haunting heart of Manhattan, the finale brings you back beneath the dazzling lights of the city. But with the newfound knowledge of deeper, darker stories behind the glitz and glamour of Times Square, you might find an unexpected chill accompanying your after-dark exploration of the Big Apple. With a mingling of history, mystery, and spirited libations, the Times Square Ghost Pub Crawl not only offers a chance to encounter the uncanny but also ensures an unforgettable evening in the electrifying city of New York.

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