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American Museum of Natural History

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American Museum of Natural History
Detail Most guests spend approximately 4 hours at the museum
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American Museum of Natural History
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The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world's largest and most comprehensive museums. Founded in 1869, it is located in New York City and is dedicated to showcasing the natural world and its evolution. The museum's collections contain over 33 million specimens and artifacts, including fossils, animal specimens, rocks, minerals, and cultural artifacts. The museum's research departments study various aspects of the natural world and make the results available to the public through exhibitions, books, and educational programs.

Ticket Types

Guests can choose from several ticket options. With general admission, guests will be able to explore the museum at their leisure. With the American Museum of Natural History Admission Plus One ticket, guests will be able to enjoy admission to the museum as well as an additional exhibit from the following: Serengeti, Worlds Beyond Earth, or Sharks. The American Museum of Natural History Super Saver Ticket includes general admission as well as all of the additional activities. 

About the Museum

The museum is home to several notable exhibitions, including the Rose Center for Earth and Space, which contains the Hayden Planetarium, the Hall of Biodiversity, the Hall of Human Origins, and the Hall of Meteorites. The Hall of Biodiversity showcases the diversity of life on Earth, including extinct and endangered species. At the same time, the Hall of Human Origins explores the evolution of human beings and their adaptations to various environments. The Hall of Meteorites showcases a collection of meteorites from different parts of the solar system and provides an overview of their properties and origins.

Permanent Halls and Exhibitions

These exhibits are available year-round and give an interesting insight into various parts of the natural world. Explore these exhibits and gain new knowledge during your visit to the Big Apple. 

Biodiversity and Environmental Halls

Explore the fascinating biodiversity of the earth with these various exhibitions and halls. The halls here include the Northwest Coast Hall, Felix M Warburg Hall of New York State Environment, Hall of Biodiversity, Hall of North American Forests, and the Irma and Paul Milstein Family Hall of Ocean Life. Just a few of the things that you will see here include the giant blue whale model, 750 marine creatures, mountains, lakes, the Spectrum of Light Display, and much more! 

Birds, Reptiles, and Amphibian Halls

Explore the skies, sea, and earth with these fascinating exhibits dedicated to birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Here, guests will be able to visit the Hall of Birds of the World, Hall of New York City Birds, Leonard C Sanford Hall of North American Birds, and the Hall of Reptiles and Amphibians. See specimens like penguins, pigeons, hawks, eagles, and komodo dragons with interesting dioramas, mounts, and infographics. 

Earth and Planetary Sciences Halls

Learn all about Earth and space at these fascinating halls. The halls included in this section are the Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals, and the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites. Explore dazzling gems and natural minerals as well as more than 120 real-life meteorites including the Cape York Meteorite (Ahnighito). 

Fossil Halls

Take a walk back into the past at these fascinating fossil halls. Here, guests will see the famed fossils including the T-rex fossil, a mammoth, and triceratops. There are so many amazing things to see and explore! The halls include the Paul and Irma Milstein Hall of Advanced Mammals, Hall of Ornithischian Dinosaurs, Hall of Primitive Mammals, Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs, Hall of Vertebrae Origins, Miriam, and Ira D Wallach Orientation Center. 

Grand Gallery

Appreciate the beauty of the world with a look at the Grand Gallery. This portion of the museum has some dazzling specimens on display. Visitors will be able to admire ammonite, jadeite jade, trilobites, and more. 

Human Origins and Cultural Halls

Explore human culture and the evolutionary process of humans with these halls. You will explore everything from Asian culture to African culture through these fascinating displays including cultural artifacts and information. The halls found here include Northwest Coast Hall, Hall of Mexico and Central America, Hall of African Peoples, Gardner D Stout Hall of Asian Peoples, Hall of Eastern Woodlands, Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins, Margaret Mead Hall of Pacific Peoples, Hall of the Great Plains, and the Hall of South American Peoples. 

Mammal Halls

Explore the animal world with various halls dedicated to mammals. Guests will be able to enjoy beautiful displays and mounts of the specimens with gorgeous geographical location depictions and habitats. These halls include the Bernard Family Hall of North American Mammals, Akeley Hall of African Mammals, Hall of Asian Mammals, Hall of New York State Mammals, Hall of Primates, Hall of Small Mammals, and more. Some animals you'll see here include buffalo, elephants, cheetahs, and more.


The American Museum of Natural History hosts several events, including lectures, workshops, and special exhibitions. These events bring together scientists, educators, and the general public to learn about the natural world and to share ideas and experiences. The museum also provides educational programs for children and families, including summer camps, after-school programs, and interactive exhibits.

The American Museum of Natural History is a remarkable institution showcasing the natural world's beauty and diversity. Its collections, exhibitions, research, and educational programs offer a unique opportunity for people of all ages to learn about the natural world and appreciate its wonders.

Frequently Asked Questions for American Museum of Natural History:
  • Approximately how long could a customer plan to spend at American Museum of Natural History?
    Most visitors spend approximately 4 hours exploring the museum.
  • Is American Museum of Natural History handicap accessible?
  • Is photography & video recording allowed?
  • For what ages is American Museum of Natural History appropriate?
    It is great for all ages!

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